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  1. ImageMagick Linux Terminal Commands

    19. October 2015 204 words ~2 minutes read Comment

    Content was copied from How-To-Geek’s Beautiful Article I’m really just making myself a copy of what they have in case the site goes down or somethin. I always hate having to start up GIMP or some other editor to make minor changes to a folder of images. These always work great and fast. # How …

  2. Fixing Remmina RDP Server Error

    21. July 2015 152 words ~2 minutes read Comment

    I’ve been using Linux Mint 17.1 x64 for a few months now, without too many hitches. I use Remmina Remote Desktop app with Remmina RDP plugin for connecting to my work’s Windows 2012 server. Everything has been running smooth until I updated to Linux Mint 17.2. Afterwards, I would just get an error that looked …

  3. Generate a Diceware Password & Copy to Clipboard – Linux

    12. June 2015 397 words ~3 minutes read Comment

      After discovering what diceware passwords are (from these articles [1] & [2]), I decided to quickly switch to these passwords for my day to day. A couple of things I like about diceware, is that I find myself giving people complicated passwords pretty often. Nothing sucks more than repeating “X1l2#!8^*&#();3k’/;l[]” ten times to someone …

  4. Common Linux Commands

    28. January 2014 53 words < 1 minute read

    Here is a PDF of popular Linux commands that I lazily acquired from Dave Child on Click here for full PDF

  5. How To: SystemRescueCD 3.8.1 for USB (without load kernel error!)

    7. January 2014 197 words ~2 minutes read

    I was recently trying to reset a Windows 8 user account password, following Britec’s YouTube video. But I ran into a small problem, when I tried to run SystemRescueCD 3.8.1 on a USB, I kept getting the message below when booting from the USB: error: file ‘/isolinux/rescue64’ not found. error: you need to load the kernel …

  6. Sublime Text: Awesome Coding Editor

    1. January 2014 130 words ~2 minutes read

    I used to use Notepad++ exclusively for any coding/editing needs in general, but heard about Sublime Text about a year and a half ago. I couldn’t tell if it was purely hype or not, but after using it in tandem and eventually instead of Notepad++ … I must say… it’s pretty damn cool. Some of …