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  1. Common Linux Commands

    28. January 2014 53 words < 1 minute read

    Here is a PDF of popular Linux commands that I lazily acquired from Dave Child on Click here for full PDF

  2. C++ Project – Count Consonants & Convert Casing

    19. January 2014 259 words ~3 minutes read

    Here’s one of my assignments from an elementary C++ class I took. Here we’re dealing with functions, and for loops mostly. You’re basically reading a text file in, line by line and sending each character to a function specifically to count or convert the character depending on the user’s choice. The specifications were: Program will read …

  3. How To: SystemRescueCD 3.8.1 for USB (without load kernel error!)

    7. January 2014 197 words ~2 minutes read

    I was recently trying to reset a Windows 8 user account password, following Britec’s YouTube video. But I ran into a small problem, when I tried to run SystemRescueCD 3.8.1 on a USB, I kept getting the message below when booting from the USB: error: file ‘/isolinux/rescue64’ not found. error: you need to load the kernel …

  4. How To: Find Your Local Raspberry Pi IP Address

    2. January 2014 62 words < 1 minute read

    Open your terminal and enter: ifconfig In the example above, I am connected through Wifi, so my internal IP is listed under “wlan0”. If you were connected through the regular ethernet port, then it would be under the 1st section “eth0”   That’s It!  

  5. How To: Remote Desktop (RDP) to your Raspberry Pi

    2. January 2014 171 words ~2 minutes read

    1. Open terminal, paste code:   sudo apt-get install xrdp  2. Enter:  “y” 3. Restart your Pi, once it’s back up & you’ve confirmed it’s online… 4. Press, Win+R (the Run shortcut) on local Windows machine (must be on the same internal network as ras-pi) Type “mstsc”, click ok  (I recommend going to the display …

  6. Sublime Text: Awesome Coding Editor

    1. January 2014 130 words ~2 minutes read

    I used to use Notepad++ exclusively for any coding/editing needs in general, but heard about Sublime Text about a year and a half ago. I couldn’t tell if it was purely hype or not, but after using it in tandem and eventually instead of Notepad++ … I must say… it’s pretty damn cool. Some of …